Photo editing series 4″Photoshop Touch for phone v1.0.1 [D.W.X].apk”

I like 4shared Pro file “Photoshop Touch for phone v1.0.1 [D.W.X].apk” –

And this loving App has a lot in stock for photographers just like its desktop app…. If you know what you are doing … You will get the best outta it
But its text function is kinda poor so you might need other apps like Cymera to Supplement it.


Photo editing series 3 “Photo Punch_1.6.2.apk”

I like 4shared Pro file “Photo Punch_1.6.2.apk” –

I rank this the 3rd in photo editing on your Android device Because its use is limited but its essential…you can only use this to trace a particular image out of the entire picture